Biku Restaurant, Bali

Going to Biku Restaurant was again a last minute decision cos our original choice – Boneka at St Regis was fully booked for Sunday Brunch. But we were glad to have found Biku which serves afternoon tea at very affordable price (compared to Singapore).

We reached the place at about 2pm and it was already full. Finally got a table after about 20 mins of waiting time. As the place was not air-conditioned, despite its high ceiling and fans installed, we were still feeling slightly warm on a hot summer afternoon…

After taking our afternoon tea set order, the server brought a wooden tray with what looked like “white candies” on them. He started pouring liquid into the small square holes. We stared at the tray for a while not doing what to do before the server explained that we had to dip the “white candy” into the water before it magically turns into a wet towel~ interesting.

They also served complimentary strawberries with cream while we waited for our scones & pastries.

I was awed by the pretty tea sets and the cute knitted pot warmer~ The pot warmer was also available for sale. I even saw one in green, designed to look like a cute frog with big eyes.

Our tea set comprises of:

  • Finger sandwiches – cucumber, salmon & cream cheese, ham and mustard, Mini spinach quiche
  • Scones with jam and cream
  • Selection of sweet treats

The sandwiches were pretty normal. The scones were tasty and not too dry. Typically I prefer my scones with cream but I liked the jam at Biku more than the cream. The cream was too bland for me.

Overall it was a nice place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea. One can also do so some shopping at the restaurant as they sell little trinkets, accessories, books etc. I was tempted to buy an aluminium bottle printed “Water by Day, Vodka by Night” in fonts similar to the Absolute Vodka bottle, but managed to resist temptation. I end up buying a key-lookalike bottle opener =)

Reservation is recommended if visiting them at typical tea time as by the time we finished our meal, our table was placed with a reservation tag for 4pm.

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