Group Therapy

We got our chance to try out another Brunch place around Duxton this week. This time round, we visited Group Therapy (Coffee/Cafe). They are not as easily noticeable as the others we’ve previously visited as they are located on the 2nd storey of the shophouses. There is only a very small discreet signboard at level 1 to guide us up the place, but we manage to find the staircase without much problem (look for Etna Italian Restaurant on ground floor).

The place was bustling at 10+am on Sunday, a stark contrast to the quiet Duxton road downstairs! Service staff was quick to guide us to the table and laid the menu for us.

Noticed that the “All Day Brunch Specials” changes weekly as it wasn’t the same as the one I read on their website. Nonetheless, I don’t mind the change of specials menu on a periodic basis. It allows the cafe to explore and invent new dishes while keeping the mains a staple.

On the left was Poached Eggs – thick toast, smoked salmon, gruyere, hollandaise; the right was Croque Madame – smoked ham, melted cheese, bacon & mayo between two slices of french toast, with a sunny-side up egg.

The poached eggs were laid neatly on top of the crispy and soft thick toast, covered with generous serving of hollandaise sauce. A quick glance around the cafe and it seems that the poached eggs was a fairly popular choice.

The croque madame came with side salad and chips. And you can never go wrong with the ham, bacon & cheese combi. The serving was reasonably huge. And it was definitely filling enough to keep my hunger pangs away till dinner time!

I’m certainly excited to discover this place and was quick to share it with my friends.

With such great food, it was a satisfying way to start my Sunday~

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