Oktober Restaurant & Bar [Closed]

We first noticed this place while visiting other establishments in Demsey area but went back another day to try them out. The place as alfresco dining area and indoor air-conditioned seating as well.

The house beer served is Starker – Lager or Aromatic. We ordered the Lager and were surprised to see it presented in a mini- keg (approx 2 litres), the waiter even asked if we want to hammer in the “tap” using a rubber mallet (which I was slightly concerned that the waiter’s hand would be injured if the patron mis-hit?!). However I’m guessing that storing the beer in the keg perhaps what made the beer tasted really fresh.

We were extremely impressed by the service staff who frequently changed the beer mugs to keep the beer cold for us. Kudos to their great & attentive service!

Meals wise, we ordered one of their set meal – King Prawn with Scallops. Pretty much Aussie style cooking.

What’s worth mentioning was their peanuts! Having finished our meal and we needed some snacks to go with our beer, we asked for peanuts. The waitress told us that its $2 per plate…most patrons might just give up since it was not complimentary.  But I would say its definitely worth the price! It wasn’t just normal peanuts, the roasted peanuts even comes with ikan bilis. After fininishing 1 plate, we even ordered 1 more plate~ I certainly hope that they continue to serve this next time I visit them.

There was a live band when we were there on a Wednesday night as well, playing mostly 80s-90s english songs.

Parking wasn’t a problem for us during the weekday. Hence its a place worth revisiting soon.

Blk 18, 18E Dempsey Road
Singapore 246677

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