Satsuma Shochu Dining Bar [Closed]

Satsuma Shochu Dining Bar is owned by the same group as Shunjuu Izakaya (see my earlier post on them). The main difference was Shunjuu has larger variety of Sake while Satsuma specializes in Shochu. Ambience wise, Satsuma was a lot more cozy with floor seating on the ground floor.

We went on a Friday evening without reservations, reached at 8pm and had to be on a wait-list for a seating at 9.30pm. So reservation is a must if you are visiting them during peak hours. But the good thing is they are opened till 1am (on Fri & Sat) so can visit them for supper too.

The food menu at Satsuma is similar to Shunjuu, quality-wise was also on-par.

Since we were at a Shochu bar, we attempt to try out Shochu. The main difference between sake and shochu, is sake is brewed whereas shochu is distilled.

There was an explanation page in the menu on how to drink Shochu, which made it easier for us to decide which Shochu to drink. There are also recommended drinking method listed beside each type of Shochu. There are 4 ways to drink them: with hot water, on the rock, with ice water or straight.

We tried a Green Tea Shochu, on the rock – as recommended by the service staff.  I think the alochol content is quite low so the alcoholic after-burn was quite mild, such that you can enjoy the flavour.

So in order to find one’s favourite Shochu, I guess one will need to try a a variety of shochus.

But similar to Shunjuu, having meals at Satsuma can be quite costly. Average close to $100 per pax for meal and drinks.

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