It was a Friday evening when I decided to visit the Antoinette at Penhas Road. I think perhaps not many people were aware of this outlet, hence we were lucky to be able to get a table without reservations =)

Thou their crepes and pastries are the speciality here, at dinner time we still needed some light food to fill our stomaches before trying their desserts.

Here’s what we had:

  • Pan-fried Foie Gras –  With apple compote, toasted levain bread and mixed greens, I’m abit disappointed with this dish as the foie gras wasn’t pan-fried to the “crispy on the outside, soft on the inside” texture.
  • Burger RoyalePan-fried beef patty on brioche bread, mayonaise, homemade potato relish, plump potato, lettuce, red onions, mustard, aged cheddar cheese, chips and petite salad with house dressing. The brioche bread was quite nice but the beef patty was slightly dry.
  • Pavlova – Flambeed caramelized banana, chocolate sauce, passionfruit banana sorbet,  French meringue and vanilla creme Chantilly. No doubt the best dish for the night…the passionfruit banana sorbet was an interesting combi. Its the main star of this dessert, hence this dessert is not  chocolately at all. Good for people who liked sorbets. I also liked the French meringue.

Overall, their dessert is definitely a must-try. Main dish? Perhaps have your dinner elsewhere before popping over here…at least for this outlet (cos Palais outlet have a slightly different menu).

[Updates on 18th Apr 16]

Finally got to try their Salted Egg Yolk Croissant and a few new flavours such as the Matcha and the Charcoal Kaya ones.

The French Toast with Caramelised Banana was pretty sweet and filling.


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