Wharf Oyster Bar & Grill

Singaporeans are avid seafood lovers. One can observe that the cold dish bar and other seafood dishes are the first items we check out when at buffet lines. Its no surprise that increasingly oyster bars are popping up in Singapore.

Oyster Bar & Grill wharf opened in July 2012. I happened to pass by the area and discovered them recently.

Other than the range of oysters available, I’m also impressed by the availability of 100 selection of (each) white wine, red wine and mojitos. That’s a whopping 300 options on top of other beverages like beer and cocktails.

There are 2 seating sections at the eater, indoor booth or bar counters and outdoor semi-alfresco area. The outdoor area has a great view of the Singapore River looking towards Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel.

I ordered an fresh oyster platter (1 dozen) comprising of oysters from Australia, France and New Zealand. I particularly enjoyed the ones from NZ.

They also have grilled and steamed oyster dishes, if one doesn’t take raw food.

For grilled food, I tried their Grilled Prawns and Australia Beef Steak with Fond Vaud Sauce. The grilled prawns was nicely cooked, fresh and succulent. But the steak was slightly dry, not as juicy as I expected.

I would like to try their tapas if my stomach still had space but I was so full that I’ll leave it to my next visit to try them.

Overall its a nice place for reasonable quality oysters (definitely better than those you have at mid-range buffet lines~) with great selection of beverages!

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