Jade Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel

Jade Restaurant is one of the many restaurants inside Fullerton Hotel but what’s interesting is that the Chinese Restaurant is housed in a colonial styled building.

While I was seated at the table with chinese tea being served, I’m looking at the night scenes outside through a tall French Window with long drapes next to my table.

Looking through the menu presented, I was surprised to see that they have the option to serve food in single serving portion! That is an uncommon practice for Chinese food but I’m certainly happy to be able to order single portion. That would allow each diner to customise their own set of meal. =)

Here’s what we ordered:

  • Pan-Fried Scallop Stuffed with Shrimp Paste in Spiced Fragrant Chili (full portion) – Very crispy outer skin and fresh scallop inside.
  • Stewed Bean Curd with Sea Cucumber and Dried Shrimp Roe (single portion) – Sea cucumber was of good quality, chewy and the texture made me felt as if I had lots of collagen.
  • Briased Fish Maw and Crab Meat in Superior Chicken Broth (single portion) – Can taste the fish maw umami in the thick soup.
  • Slow Braised Egg Noodles with Lobster and Shimeiji Mushroom (available only in single portion) – This is what I was there for. The star dish!!!! I fell in love with the fine and soft noodles which had absorbed the flavourings of the broth its cooked in! Its worth every single penny!!! Will be back for more! (Its the most comparable Lobster Noodles, I can find in Sgp, to the one I had at Mandarin Kitchen in London).
  • Chilled Cream of Mango with Green Lime Jelly – Fresh and refreshing dessert.

A nice and elegant Chinese Restaurant, good for casual business associate dinner due to their customisable individual food portion (thou they don’t seem to have private room hence not suitable for business discussions).

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