Saint Pierre [Relocated]

Despite being located just a stone’s throw away from my past office premise, I haven’t eaten at Saint Pierre until recently (after my office shifted out of town…). Managed to visit them during lunch as I had taken the day off to enjoy the start of my Singapore GP F1 weekend~

The set lunch price ranges from $32 to $52 depending on the number of courses and whether you selected any premium items which requires top up. The set lunch included Amuse Bouche and Petit Four.

I enjoyed the Hazelnut butter with bread selection of baguette and walnut bread. Loved the subtle hint of Hazelnut taste in the soft creamy butter.

1st Amuse Bouche was Fish Croquette and Garlic Air. 2nd Amuse Bouche was Smoked Tomato Soup. The soup was served in an espresso cup making it looked like thick coffee. But I soon realised that the concentrated tomato soup served to stimulate our appetite. =)

For starters, we ordered:

  • Classic Foie Gras (additional $8) Pan-fried foie gras with caramelised green apples and old port sauce – Generous portion of good quality foie gras, I especially liked the espuma of old port sauce. The foie gras was semi-covered in the pool of old port sauce! Heavenly. Different from the usual preparation of pan-fried foie gras with just a slight glaze of sauce.
  • Prawns Dashi poached prawns with apple crudite, garlic air and white peach puree – Not something that I appreciated. I didn’t feel that puree and apple crudite brought out the freshness of the the poached prawns.

For main, we had the Miso Cod (additional $8) Oven-baked miso black cod with angel hair pasta, grilled daikon, spring onion, hijiki seaweed and miso soup – I enjoyed the al dente angel hair pasta, the clear yet tasty miso soup counter-balanced the cod fish which have high fat content, eliminating the “oily” feeling.

Miso Cod has always been a star dish at the restarant, but I noted that the chef has various ways of preparing this dish, using different ingredients available during different time of the year.

For desserts:

  • Chocolate Cake Grandma stroobant’s flourless belgian chocolate cake with raspberries and orange zest confit – Very rich and thick choco flavour well-balanced with the punchy citrus zest confit.
  • Creme Brulee Vanilla bean creme brulee with fresh strawberries and lemon meringue – Creme Brulee has always been one of my fav desserts. I particularly liked the addition of lemon meringue toppings here.

Ending with the petit fours. Not forgetting coffee & tea.

Great attentive service by the staff and a nice quiet ambience. A hidden gem for executive business lunch.

What a way to kick-start my F1 weekend~ This meal would be sufficient to equip me with the energy needed for all the walking around the circuit for the rest of the day!

[Updates in Jul 2013]

Saint Pierre has relocated to Sentosa Cove (in May 2013).

[Updates in Aug 2014]

Passed by Quayside Isle’s stretch of eateries. Seems like the Blue Lotus (Chinese Restaurant by Chef Emmanuel Stroobant) is packing in the crowd.

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