Silk Road Restaurant

Final day of F1 Weekend… Before heading to the circuit we enjoyed lunch at Silk Road Restaurant using the UOB Young Chefs’ Creation promotion.

The 5-course set lunch featured Modern Sichuan cuisine. We ordered the Eight Treasure Tea (a drink which I always liked to order wherever its available) to go with our lunch.

We started with the Silk Road Trio Sample Platter Shredded Chicken, Cucumber and Sliced Pork with Garlic. Amongst the 3, the thinnly sliced pork was my favourite. The sauces used for the cucumber and sliced pork were both very appetizing (slightly spicy) while the sauce for shredded chicken tasted sweeter and non-spicy.

Next was Sliced Fish Soup with Snow Vegetable, the snow vegetable seemed to be pickled as it was crunchy had a slight salty taste.

Pan Seared Chicken Chop Spicy Green and Red Capsicum tasted similar to chicken cutlet.  A rather normal dish thou it was crispy and well fried.

The highlight of the meal was their award winning dish – Hand Made Noodle Chili Oil, Soy and Garlic. The simple looking dish packs lots of surprise! Can’t help but wonder what is the secret ingredient in the gravy sauce.

Last item was Chilled Aloe Vera with Lily Bud, light and refreshing dessert.

Thou I have heard good reviews about Silk Road, I must admit that I probably wouldn’t visit them if not for the UOB promotion. However their award winning noodle might just be the pull factor which will lure me back to savour the dish. =)

More photos at F1



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