Novus Restaurant & Bar

With Restaurant Week round the corner and the relentless advertising efforts in promoting the event, one can’t resist going through the list of restaurants and be tempted to visit them. Novus Restaurant & Bar was one of my shortlisted places but unfortunately they were fully booked.  Nonetheless, we dropped by on a weekday night for a casual dinner to experience their food.

Housed within the National Museum, the Roman arch windows , together with the luxe interior decoration brings a sense of grandeur to the dining hall.

Perhaps we chose a bad day to be there as there was an on-going event at the restaurant. Hence service staff were severely lacking resulting in many unattended moments. Luckily the waiting time for the food wasn’t too long and was served to us promptly.

We ordered 3 starters and just 1 main plus a dessert for our dinner.

  • Chunky Mushroom Soup three kinds of field mushrooms, parmesan stick, truffle oil – the parmesan stick was fresh & crispy, soup has a strong aroma of truffle oil
  • Norwegian Salmon Carpaccio thinly sliced marinated salmon, yuzu, kombu, cucumber, dill, vine cherry tomatoes, lava salt – a very nice dish, fresh salmon with refreshing dressing
  • Pan Seared Foie Gras with brioche toast, sweet shallot jam, port wine glaze – I liked the toast but not to foie gras. The foie gras was slightly mushy, losing its structure when I sliced it.
  • Angus Ribeye 150 days grass-fed roast beef ribeye, sauce poivrade, celeriac puree, garlic & herb butter – I didn’t quite enjoy the medium rare ribeye which we ordered, cos the texture wasn’t satisfactory…
  • Valrhona Chocolate Test chocolate in 5 textures and 5 different percentages of cocoa mass – something which many people raved about at Novus. Tasting the choco from lowest % to highest %, left to right: Aerated Mousse (Orizaba Lactee 33% Cocoa), Souffle (Equatoriale Noire 55% Cocoa), Sorbet (Alpaco 66% Cocoa), Warm Custard (Araguani 72% Cocoa) and Dehyrated Chocolate (Abinao 85% Cocoa). I enjoyed the Souffle and Warm Custard the most. I appreciate the effort by the chef to produce 5 different types of chocolate for 1 dessert dish. Some might find it value-for-money to taste a variety of choc, but to me 1 great dessert is better than 5 average ones…

It was quite a disappointment as I had higher expectations of the place!

If I had been to Novus during Restaurant Week, which I only need to pay a fraction of what I had paid for my meal…I can accept the quality of food served…

For a full priced meal, I expect much better service and food…


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