&Made has been tagged as Singapore’s first restaurant by three-michelin starred chef. The best michelin starred restuarant which I had tried (till now) are mostly two-michelin starred ones. Thou &Made’s focus are burgers and not fine dining, its interesting to see how different are the burger recipes designed by Chef Bruno Menard.

Personally, I felt that Singaporeans had been overwhelmed by too many newly opened restaurants claiming that they are helmed by ex-chefs of some Michelin starred restaurants. Perhaps its a marketing strategy by the Deliciae group to open a casual, bistro joint targetting at normal Singapore working class adults (who notably likes to enjoy good food) who are looking for simple but good eats without having to burn a hole in the pocket. Afterall most of us can’t afford to eat fine dining everyday right?!

We tried the eatery’s signature B Burger and I really liked the onion confit! Not forgetting the in-house made BBQ sauce dip which is just as delicious.

The Lychee, Raspberry & Rose Smoothie is a unique combi, and really looks like a ladies’ drink~ All the flavours of the 3 key ingredients were well balanced.

Lastly for desserts, I tried the Lollipop Waffle served with caramel, white and dark chocolate sauce. Full marks for presentation! Doesn’t it look like an artistic piece fit to be displayed at some Arts studio?

&Made is a fun & quirky eatery filled with lively cartoon drawings giving it a very casual feel.

For those who prefer a more formal setting, you can visit La Cantine at Asia Square – a French brasserie also opened by Chef Bruno.

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