The Retrospective Restaurant & Bar (renamed Bartini Keong Saik) [Closed]

Maybe due to the spill over effect from Duxton Hill and Bukit Pasoh, increasingly there are more eateries setting up along Keong Siak road. Today, we visited “The Retrospective Restaurant & Bar“.

Ordered a cocktail “Yippee-Ki-YayGin and maraschino liqueur shaken with lemon juice and lavender sugar. Had a Säntis Kristal draught beer – its a fruity beer, this beer is only available at limited places like 83 club street.

Had a starter – Prawn cocktail with Avocado Guacamole and a main – Chicken cordon bleu with ratatouille and a side of fat chips with chilli mayo dip.  The top 2 prawns on the cocktail were battered and fried, which tasted very nice. I wonder why not all the prawns were done the same…as the ones at the bottom weren’t fried and I didn’t like them as much.

I liked the ratatouille, it was well-simmered resulting in a nice aroma of the red & green bell pepper.

The thickly cut fries was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Great finger snack to nibble.

Great that there are more food options here now. =) Noticed a few more new places along Keong Saik which I shall visit soon.

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