Grin Affair

Found another new tiny cafe which opened in the neighbourhood. Grin Affair is located at one of the blocks at Everton Park. So discreet that you might just miss it if you didn’t pay much attention.

Their key selling point are the cakes in jar. We bought home 2 jars – Mango (covered by flowery paper in pix below) and Cookies & Cream (covered by dark brown paper in pix below). The price ranges from $4.80 – $6.00 per jar.

Everything here seemed to be hand-made. From the stamping of “Grin Affair” logo on the paper which was used to cover the jars, to the strings which also served as a handle to carry the jars.

The Mango one was sweet-based, consist of mango mousse with a layer of mango coulis and vanilla, a layer of sponge cake, topped with crispy almond flakes. Its good as an after meal dessert.

The Cookies & Cream was savoury-based, consist of vanilla mousse with dark chocolate cookie base, moist chocolate and vanilla cake, topped with cream cookie bits.

There are a few more varieties available which I shall gradually try them out.

Heard the jars can be returned for recycling at the shop, will try to return my 2 jars =)

[Update on 18th Nov 12]

Went back again to purchase other flavours over a few occassions: Dark Chocolate Mousse (top right), Matcha and Azuki Bean (bottom left) and Hazelnut (bottom right) .

Dark Chocolate Mousse was rich in chocolate and had a chocolate ganache inside. Matcha and Azuki Bean was slightly disappointing. The green tea taste wasn’t delicate enough. Hazelnut had a well-balanced hazelnut flavoured mousse.

I personally didn’t try Banoffee yet but it has good reviews based on friends who had tried it before.

[Updates in May 2015]

Grin Affair_03

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