Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel

Hua Ting Restaurant is one of the top award winning Chinese (Cantonese) restaurants in Singapore. We visited them as we had F&B voucher to be used at Orchard Hotel.

Knowing that they seemed to be extremely popular, we placed reservation with them in advanced. Initially we were told that they were fully booked and we were placed on their waiting list, but they called a few hours later to inform that someone cancelled their reservations so we got a table.

Kudos to the service staff for their relentless rounds of confirming our seats. They called us on the day of our dinner reservation to remind us and even called us when we were 15 mins late to check if we were reaching.

The weird thing was when we reached (15 mins late), there weren’t any queue nor people waiting to enter the restaurant. After we were seated, we even noticed another table which remained unoccupied for the whole night…

Anyway service staff were all very polite, courteous and friendly. They were rather prompt in filling up our tea and clearing the used plates. Great service.

Now for the food, as we were using vouchers we can’t order their set menu and had to go for ala carte. Most of the dishes in their menu are available in single portions, except for the crispy roast duck, peking duck & roasted pig.

  • Crispy Roasted Duck (Half) – One of their signature dishes, the best dish for the night as well. It had thin and crispy skin, thou the layer of fats under the skin wasn’t as thick as I expected to be. The meat was tender and soft. The half portion was about right for 2 of us as the size of the duck wasn’t very big.
  • 10-Head Abalone – Quite a standard dish, nothing special.
  • Shark’s Bone Cartilage Soup with 3 treasures (mushroom, fish maw & cabbage) – Supposedly one of their signature dishes as well, but its somewhat disappointing for me. Esp when it cost $28 for that small portion, I couldn’t taste anything special abt it.
  • Pork Rib – The pork rib was abit dry after frying and is made worse as it doesn’t comes with any sauce/gravy, thou the pork rib had a unique aroma which I can’t pin-point the ingredient used.
  • Emerald Beancurd with Scallop – I liked the beancurd which was silky and soft. But the scallop had a funny texture, almost tasted rubbery and fake..
  • Crispy Noodles with King Prawn – Large king prawn with gravy over the crispy noodles. The unami of the prawn taste in the gravy seemed abit overwhelming for me. The texture of the prawn was slightly too chewy (maybe cos of its size).
  • Deep Fried Yam Paste (Dessert) – Another of their signature dish, nice crispy skin and soft yam paste filling. Somewhat like Yam paste mooncake.

In general I felt that the restaurant didn’t quite live up to the hype and fame. It was reasonably good food but didn’t have any exceptional nor outstanding dish which wowed me.

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