Restore Living Cafe [Closed]

I had been passing by Restore Living Cafe in the morning while on my way to work, but they weren’t opened yet. Finally got the chance to visit them for a leisurely Sunday late breakfast (they are opened from 11am only).

We were the 2nd customers at the store for the morning but still had to wait some time for our waffles. There was only 1 lady who was in-charge of taking orders & cooking the food. The place was tiny with only 3-4 tables, luckily it wasn’t pack when we arrived.

  • Caramel BananaServed with freshly sliced bananas and homemade caramel, topped with icing sugar and freshly whipped cream. We top-up with a scoop of Chocolate ice cream.
  • Chocolate FactoryServed with hershey’s chocolate sauce, topped with icing sugar and freshly whipped cream. Top-up with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.
  • Cafe Mocha & Iced Cafe Mocha

The food were all freshly made in the open kitchen. The waffles were served warm and light.

There are a few other brunch places (for heavier meal) around Tanjong Pagar, but this is a nice tiny & cozy little cafe to enjoy my breakfast. The portions here is just right for breakfast.


Resotre Living Cafe will be operating for the last day on 6 October 14.

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