Went to Aburiya to lessen my Monday blues…

This place is extremely popular with Japanese and is usually fully booked on weekends. This is my 2nd attempt visiting the restaurant at Robertson Quay area. My first attempt failed as we arrived on a Friday evening without reservations. Luckily this time round, we manage to get seats even without reservation.

There are indoor and outdoor seating for this charcoal grill Jap-Korean restaurant. We chose the outdoor seat which had a fan nearby.

Menu comprises of a huge variety of ingredients for the BBQ: Wagyu (their signature), Pork, Chicken, Seafood. They also had set meal whereby there are combos available comprising of mixed ingredients with soup and appetizers.

We went for ala carte instead as we wanted to try more variety but in lesser quantity. Here’s what we had:

  • Waygu Ribeye tare – Juicy beef cubes that are soft & chewy
  • Hire-Foie Gras Steak tenderloin & foie gras (butter-yaki) – chargrilled foie gras need tender loving care to avoid it being burnt =)
  • Tontoro Negi pork cheek with Japanese leek – just leave them on the grill till they turned nice and crispy, then top-off with loads of Japanese leek for the fantastic aroma.
  • Ebi tiger prawns marinated in Miso – huge, juicy prawns
  • Hotate scallops in Butter-yaki – delicate scallops tend to stick to the grill, so need to move them occassionally
  • Ika squid marinated in Hot Miso – my favorite, the squid rings are chewy and the Hot Miso marinate was superb!
  • Hiyayakko cold tofu – huge portion
  • Kimchi & Oi Kimchi (Cucumber) – Luv the kimchi cabbage so much that we ordered another in cucumber~
  • Portobello Mushrooms – mushrooms are great for grills, place some butter on the porous side of the mushroom to let them absorb the melt butter and you’ll hv juicy flavoursome mushroom.

Chargrill will always go well with beer. But other than beer, we also ordered Shochu w Grapefruit for our meal.

Ended with a Matcha ice cream~

Total cost added up to ard $175. So its not the same calibre as your $25 steamboat cum hot-plate buffet kind.

Fresh ingredients used, nice marinate sauce. But whether they end up being great food or not depends partly on individual cooking skills.

For me, I enjoyed a great meal without having to leave with lingering BBQ smell on my clothes & hair. =)

60 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238252

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