Tori King Ramen Keisuke

After waiting for soooo long, 100AM (refurbished Amara Shopping Centre) is finally opened~ Not only that, we have 1 more ramen place to visit other than Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel~ From the same group, they opened Tori King in 100AM on the third floor.

This outlet seems larger than Tonkotsu King with more tables and seating. However I still waited in line for about 15 mins before getting a table.

The signature dish of Tori King is the Green Spicy Tori King Ramen, made of wasabi sauce. Personally I don’t find it spicy, just a subtle hint of wasabi taste after mixing the green sauce inside the chicken broth soup.

Chicken thigh is slightly grilled in the oven and was succulent and soft. No problem removing the meat from the bone at all~

The ramen used is different from the ones in Tonkotsu ramen. The ramen here is more yellowish in colour and egg-based.

The rest of the ingredients: Char Shu, Egg, Black Fungus, Spring Onions are all standard items which can be customised just like Tonkotsu King.

They also provide complimentary seasoned beansprouts and hard-boiled eggs here.

My heart still lies with Tonkotsu King though Tori King’s unique Green Spicy sauce made their chicken ramen different from other raman places (for eg Marutama Ramen).

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