Gunther’s Restaurant

Its a French affair this week as I continued to visit another French restaurant today for lunch. Am excited to visit Gunther’s Restaurant as I had good experience at  their associated Italian restaurant – Garibaldi (see post here). Noticed the huge difference in quality of photos taken just 1.5 yrs ago on my old Sony Ericsson phone…

The dining room at Gunther’s Restaurant is much smaller than Garibaldi. But the tables were well spaced to ensure privacy at each table. We had their 3-course lunch menu with choice of appetizer, main and dessert of the day. The set also comes with coffee or tea.

For appetizers we chose a different one each, hence we had Mushroom cappuccino, grilled scallop and Madeira prawn, tomato. The soup was thick and creamy while the prawns were fresh and I liked the sauce.

The main was Gunther’s Creation which was a steak. Luv the nice grill marks on the beef. The grilled side dish of mini corn was really well done, crispy yet retaining the juiciness.


While at Gunther’s Restaurant, we can’t miss their signature dish of Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Oscientra Caviar.  We added it as an a la carte item and the price of this item formed 1/3 of the total cost of our meal. Picture below was only 1/2 portion as the server had split it into 2 plates for us. This simple looking dish which only had olive oil and caviar was amazing! It brought out the awesome flavour of the caviar. The only slight flaw of this dish was the pasta was a wee bit not al-dente enough.


Dessert was Raspberry Sorbet. And they also served petit-fours of canele, madeline and cocoa.

Gunther’s set lunch menu of $38 was rather affordable albeit the cold angel hair pasta $60 and the wines which cost ard $25-27 per glass.

[Updates on 26th Feb 13]

Gunther’s was ranked No.43 at the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Our heartiest congratulations~

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