Canton-i, Singapore

Orchard Road has been one of my must-go shopping venue for Xmas gifts. Was at ION and looking for eatery when we decided to try Canton-i (a Hong Kong restaurant orginating from Malaysia). ION outlet was their only one in Singapore.

Since they specialise in Cantonese cuisine, we ordered the Roast Duck and Char Siew combo (~$26) – to try their roasted items, Special Tofu with Mushrooms (~$20) and King Prawn Braised Ee Fu Noodle (~$30).

The roasted items were acceptable thou not exactly outstanding. I liked the gravy of the tofu, the tofu was also soft and silky. The King Prawn which came with the Ee Fu Noodle was rather sizeable and fresh. The noodles was well-braised as I can taste the rich broth absorbed by the noodles.

Canton i

Dining experience wise, wasn’t satisfactory for me. Tables were rather closely spaced – I can hear the conversation of guests 2 tables away from me!!! Service staff quality can be improved as one just shoved a dish on table w/o introducing the dish to us and started shifting our plates to make space for the new dish while we are still munching our food…

For the price I paid, I would rather visit a proper Chinese Restaurant in some hotels…

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