I forgot how I got to know about Mikuni but somehow it left an impression in me (I think it’s becos of their Robatayaki counter which attracted me to visit them). Located inside Fairmont Singapore, although it is situated at the linkway to Raffles City Shopping Centre I had never passed by this part of the mall before.

After entering the restaurant, we passed by the sushi counter bar on the right and were led to our table in the main dining hall. The interior decor was modern & opulent. Not the typical Japanese styled restaurant. Dark walls with precisely angled spotlights casted on each of the tables creating a fine dining ambience.

As we wanted to try a variety of food, we ordered their “Season 3” Dinner course instead of ordering ala carte dishes.

The course started with a cracker appetizer, noticed the specially made wooden container? How exquisite.

We ordered a bottle of sake (there’s a wide variety and price range of sake available, we went along with the recommendation of the sommelier for a bottle which cost ard $150) with our meal and were presented a tray of pretty sake cups for us to choose from. Guess what, we both eyed the same cup, but ladies first so I got my choice cup! Will unveil it later.


The first dish was “Otoushi” –  Egg Custard with Foie Gras and Crab Meat Sauce. Soft and silky with subtle hint of foie gras.

Second dish was well presented.  “Sashimi” – Apple Wood Smoked Tuna Cheek with Yuzu Ponz was served in a glass cone filled with smoke (pix on right) before removing it to unveil the dish.

Here’s why I picked the cup, I find that it looked like “Snowing” when the cup is filled with sake~ The sake recommended by the sommelier was very good, well-balanced with slight sweetness. Smooth and not too dry.

sake cup

Third dish was “Grill” – Grilled Lobster with Hokkaido Sea Urchin and Garlic.  I can feel the heat from the hot stones beneath the Lobster. Upon serving, the staff poured a light broth over the lobster meat. Other than the fresh and juicy lobster, I was also blown away by the Garlic…Doesn’t it reminds you of lotus flower seed pod? Not only that, each “seed” were easily taken out from the “pod” and the garlic has a subtle flavour unlike our typical Garlic.  The ever thoughtful Japanese had removed the shell off the claws so that we can enjoy the meat with much ease. Overall it was an excellent dish!!!


“Deep-Fried” – 3 kinds of Kushi Katsu with Mikuni Sauce: Octopus, Wagyu, Shiitake Mushroom. The Octopus was suppose to be dipped in a sauce which I think is Mayonaise, Wagyu with sea salt, Mushroom with a wasabi sauce. Really like the Octopus, chewy yet tender.

“Sushi/Noodle” – “Herring Soba” Kyoto Style and Mini Chirashi Sushi. Nice clear soup, fresh Uni & Ikura~

Dessert – Green tea Ice Monaka with Sweet Potato Cider. I liked the sweet potato cider.

There is even petit four served, I think is red bean paste jelly and green tea chocolate.

Thoroughly enjoyed dining at Mikuni, its one of those rare Japanese restaurant which serves fine cuisines at a not-so-exorbitant pricing. Service was attentive and prompt as well.

[Updates on 14th May 2013]

Visted Mikuni again for dinner. Chose another beautiful sake cup.

The appetizer today was grilled cuttlefish with sesame, I’m sure it will be an excellent beer snack too.

This time round we ordered ala carte dishes

  • Salmon Sashimi – quite costly for 3 slices only 
  • United Nations Futomaki Toro, Shrimp Tempura, Unagi, Tobiko and Cucumber – A unique combination for maki and as a result it had an amazing texture. In one bite, you can taste the firm prawn flesh, the soft moist unagi and the crunchy cucumber. 
  • Hotate Mentaiko Hokkaido Scallops, Marinated Cod Roe Sauce and Yuzu Butter – Served with lotsa garlic butter and the scallops wasn’t as juicy as I expected. 
  • Sukiyaki Konabe Kagoshima Wagyu Beef, Vegetables, Sweet Soy Sauce and Fresh Hen Egg – The melt-in-your-mouth beef was heavenly. Rare to taste such quality beef in Singapore. This dish would certainly make it into my “Must-Order” dish when I visit Mikuni again. 


We ended our meal again with the delightful red bean paste jelly and green tea chocolate.

After this visit, I have full confidence in Mikuni’s food and it has established itself as one of my new-found favourite dining place.

[Updates on 17th Jan 2014]

Given the wide range of menu at Mikuni, I have yet to finish trying the various variety of food available. So this time round we tried their Teppan Hana Course – a 6 course menu with a ala carte Unagi Bento. The ungai bento had generous portion of unagi laid over the supple rice. Nicely grilled.

  • Mozuku Seaweed, Sweet Vinegar, Tenshi Prawn, Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Water Shield – a light and refreshing starter with the fine strands of seaweed soaked in the sweet/sour combination vinegar.
  • Selection of 3 Sashimi
  • King Prawn, Golden Sauce – this dish looked great, smelled wonderful but somehow I found the sauce a bit gelard.
  • Australian Wagyu Rib Eye, Garlic Sauce Green Vegetable – was slightly overcooked as we requested for medium-rare, it was more of medium.
  • Garlic Fried Rice, Miso Soup
  • Ice Mochi Assortment

The teppan although wasn’t bad, I guess it was overshadowed by the other variety of cooked food on the menu.


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