Keisuke Tokyo Ramen [Relocated]

Keisuke Tokyo Ramen was the first outlet in Singapore, yet its the last amongst the 3 (Keisuke Tokyo, Tonkotsu King, Tori King) under the group which I manage to visit.

When Keisuke Tokyo Ramen first opened in Parco at Millenia Walk (*in 2014, they relocated to Suntec City Mall), it featured their special Prawn based soup but received controversial comments with some saying that it tasted just like Singapore’s Prawn Noodle Soup. Perhaps the prawn based ramen soup was an innovative one in Tokyo but when it reached our shore, it lost its uniqueness.

When I visit Keisuke they now serve a Crab based ramen soup and their normal Pork based ramen soup.

The noodles used for the Crab based soup (pix on left) is yellow and flat. Soup is more watery and light. Crab based ramen is only available at this Parco outlet. Something which I can’t understand is Tonkotsu Ramen comes with Char-shu, Tori Ramen comes with Chicken drumstick…Why the Crab based soup doesn’t comes with at least some Kani shreds? Only has 1 slice of the japanese fish cake (Narutomaki) and Char-shu.

The Pork based soup (pix on right) is the normal ramen and soup is thick. However I would suggest going to Tonkotsu King outlet to savour their Tonkotsu Ramen instead of the Parco outlet…

Keisuke Tokyo Ramen

Only the standard complimentary seasoned beansprouts (but not boiled eggs) is available. Somehow we felt that the seasoned beansprouts was not as tasty at the Keisuke Tokyo compared to the Tonkotsu King and Tori King.

Overall I received much better service at Tonkotsu King and Tori King…being offered complimentary tea while queuing, prompt serving of iced water upon being seated etc.

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