Godiva Milk Chocolate with Strawberry

The “Godiva Milk Chocolate with Strawberry” deserves a post on its own! The selfish side of me hope it remains a secret…cos its getting so diffcult to buy it…


Anyway, its so deserving based on the following:

(i) It has become a ‘must-buy’ chocolate for me at the Changi Airport before I fly off for my holidays

(ii) Stocks are so limited that its out of stock when I was at the airport during my previous holiday…Also ran out at Godiva store in Raffles City…

(iii) When I finally got it this time, the salesperson said its very popular and its highly recommended by the sales staff as its a very special flavour. [I tried looking for replacements but couldn’t find any other brands that carries Strawberry Choco]

(iv) Last but not least, it goes absolutely well with red wine~

Yum yum…and off I go for my holiday~



[Updates on 23rd May 2014]

Godiva has introduced soft serve ice cream at their boutique. Got mine at the Takashimaya basement food square~

Godiva ice cream


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