Orgasmic by Chef Wally, Koh Samui

We shortlisted Orgasmic by Chef Wally after reading fantastic reviews about the restaurant and how Chef Wally used to worked at Zazen Restaurant before making out on his own.

The restaurant is located in a Thai-styled house beside the beach. Subject to weather conditions, guests can choose to be seated at tables at the beach terrace or under the palm trees. If all else fails, guest can still opt for the safe option of sitting inside the Thai-styled house.

As we had an extremely full Brunch, we only reached the restaurant at 8.30pm for dinner. By then the sky had turned pitch-dark…seated in the 2nd floor of the intricately carved wooden structure, I can hear the soothing sound of waves breaking the shore but not much of a view. Would suggest that diners who like to enjoy sunset will need to plan to have an early dinner at 6pm.

Strangely the interior decor of the restaurant seem to exude Vietnamese influences, from the lanterns to the Vietnamese dress worn by the service staff. The chairs were made from bamboos, which are known to be environmentally friendly material.

There were no set meal available at the restaurant, so we ordered a few ala carte dishes.

To begin the meal, we were served an Sushi Maki appetizer. Our first choice of starter was Lobster Croquette but that ran out already…so we end up with Sesame & Wasabi Crusted King Prawns  on Tomato-Tandoori Bed. The prawns were fresh, meat was juicy and more importantly the sauce was pretty special. It was a great start to our dinner but sad to say this was the best dish for the night…

Our second starter was Linguine Al Frutti Di Mare – Linguine Seafood (Wally’s Mother Recipe). The pasta was good, but not really something worth special mention…

Orgasmic by Chef Wally

The main was Orgasmic Steak with french duck foie gras, pearls of alba truffles & porcini mushroom sauce. The steak was cooked to our request of medium rare, but the beef texture was slightly soft and mushy…The vegetable sides were also too soggy… Only the fries was ok. We were really disappointed with the main dish…

Service wise was pretty ok, the restaurant offered to help arrange for a taxi when we were leaving.

Perhaps we caught them on a bad day? Or we had chosen the wrong dishes? Somehow the food experience was far from my expectations…

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