Shin Yeh Restaurant

Had craving for porridge…so sourced around for quality porridge…end up with Shin Yeh Restaurant as they serve a variety of ala carte Taiwanese dishes and its a joint-venture with the Tung Lok Group of Singapore. Therefore one can be rather assured of the quality.

The appetizer of seasoned cucumber was light and crunchy.

We ordered a Braised Beancurd with Pork and Scallion, Taiwan-style Wok-fried French Beans with Minced Pork and Wok-fried Beef Fillet with Ginger and Scallion. Not forgetting Taiwanese porridge (with sweet potato).

The portion was pretty generous and we were glad we didn’t order the Lean Pork in Soya Sauce – though I was very tempted to order it as its supposed to be one of their house specialties.

Shin Yeh

All the dishes were quite nice. Beancurd was soft and silky. Beef fillet was tender and nicely done. Porridge was thick.

Our stomaches were bursting by the time we finish the meal and couldn’t even have space for the delightful looking Taiwan-style Mango and Milk Over Shaved Ice

There were complimentary Glutinous Rice Balls coated with Ground Peanuts served after we asked for the bill. The peanuts was grinded very finely and the glutinous rice ball was chewy.

We saw many large families having dinner at the place inside the private rooms. Its certainly more worthy to visit them in numbers as you’ll get to share more dishes.

Its an interesting change from the usual Cantonese style chinese eateries in Singapore.

[Updates on 16th June 2013]

Visited Shin Yeh again for dinner. This time round I manage to try a lot more dishes which I had wanted to try since my last visit.

Braised Pork Knuckle, Braised Lean Pork, Pig’s Intestine

Shin Yeh_02


Salted Duck (cold dish), Shaved Ice – Red Bean, Mango, Fried Taro (Dessert).

What impressed me most is the Stir fried pumpkin with vermicelli. It requires skills to cook the vermicelli to a nice silky texture without turning it too dry.

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