Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant

I’m not exactly sure whether this is the first time I’m eating at Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant cos their first outlet is in Liang Court (near my old office and we used to pop by at Liang Court for lunch quite frequently)…Anyway since there’s perpetual long queue over at Tori King at 100AM during dining hours, we gave Yayoiken (3rd outlet in Singapore) at try.


We ordered a Buta Shogayaki Set Stir-fried Sliced Pork with Ginger Set and a Oyako Don Chicken & Scrambled Egg Rice Bowl.

The waiting time for the food was shorter than I expected, which was pretty good. The stir-fried sliced pork was tender and not too oily. The Oyako Don chicken wasn’t as tender as the sliced pork but overall was still nice.

Yayoiken seems to me like a place that offer decent Jap food at friendly pricing. Should be a good food option for the OLs nearby at Tanjong Pagar area~

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