Osaka Ohsho, Singapore

Osaka Ohsho is another restaurant by the Bachmann Japanese Restaurant which brought us many other Japanese eateries such as Yonehachi, Menya Musashi Ramen, Fruit Paradise and AOBA Ramen etc.

Osaka Ohsho is essentially a gyoza specialist, the gyoza are available as ala carte items and in set meal served with Japanese dishes and rice.

Osaka Ohsho

I tried their Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Set. The Tenshin Han is Japanese rice topped off with soft and fluffy egg, filled with a light gravy. Liked the egg~ The Gyoza skin was thin and crispy, filling was juicy. It was not too oily. Best eaten with their special dumpling sauce~ The set is really filling as the Tenshin Han was quite huge portion.

Tofu Hamburger Stew Set only came with 3 gyozas instead of 6 but the set was also very filling. The hamburger stew gravy was flavoursome and goes very well with the rice.

The set only came with soup so we top-up with Mango and Peach soda for $3 each.

I like that the gyozas and rice are also available for takeaways. If you really like the special dumpling sauce, you can also buy 1 bottle back home!



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