Crab Shack, Niseko

My first proper meal after overnight flight to Hokkaido and settling down in the resort. Meal vouchers were included in our accommodation at the ski resort and we had 3 restaurants to choose from: Crab Shack, Goshiki and Melt Bar and Grill. I’ll cover the other 2 in my subsequent posts.

Crab Shack is a seafood restaurant located next to the now-defuncted Niseko Higashiyama gondola station. If you get a table near the window, you get to see the snow slope~

There isn’t much variety on its menu, their main dishes are: Grilled King Crab, Seafood Hot Pot and Shabu-Shabu. However, after our first dinner at the restaurant, we were so impressed by their food that we returned for a few more times to try each of their speciality~ Here I’ve collated all my visits in 1 single post.

My first dinner was to savour the King Crab. The staff placed a traditional japanese grill stove – Shichirin, on the table before inviting us to grill the King Crab ourselves.  The King Crab was superbly succulent, juicy and fresh~ Simply Divine~

The huge Grilled Scallop was not cooked by us. Its prepared by the Chef in the kitchen but it was equally juicy and fresh.

The Salmon & Salmon Roe Bowl was the best I’ve ever tasted, absolutely not a hint of “fishy” taste. None of those that I ever tried in Singapore is as fresh as what they have in Hokkaido. And I find that most of the Chirashi I tried in Singapore had too much vinegar in them… covering the taste of the ingredients.

Crab Shack_01

Even though after our 1st visit, we realised that the smell of the grill left an odour on our clothing, it didn’t deterred us from visiting them again. After our wonderful experience at Crab Shack, we went back every alternate days. On our 2nd visit, we tried their Seafood Hot Pot (just like our local steamboat). We ordered it as it was the eve of Chinese New Year~

Crab Shack_02

Our final visit was to try their “Wagyu Shiraoi-Beef” Shabu-Shabu. It was one of the most expensive item in their menu (if I remember correctly), abt S$80+ per person and minimum order of 2 pax. We had to spend 1 additional pair of meal vouchers to cover for this meal.

The huge and thinly sliced Wagyu was soft and tender after a quick “swish” in the kombu broth. I added sliced green onion to my ponzu sauce which I used to dip the beef and other ingredients in and it turned out fantastic~

Conclusion: Amongst the 3 main dishes, the Grilled King Crab is a MUST-TRY~ The others were good as well but if you have limited budget, just go for the King Crab~

[Updates in 2015]

Crab Shack has since shifted to The Village, between Hilton Niseko and Green Leaf.

[Updates in 2017]

The Village is a Japanese Style food & dining cluster. Found Crab Shack and visited them for lunch.


Set lunch of ‘Nabeyaki-Udon’ Noodle with Mini Rice Bowl (choose from 3 options of Buta Don/Ikura Don/Crab Meat?). Satisfying meal perfect for the snowy weather.


Some photos taken at New Chitose Airport (which has a Doraemon-theme cafe and shop) and ski resort:


Breath-taking scenes…


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