A-bu-Cha 2, Niseko

This is the first meal we had outside of Niseko Village whereby we made a short trip to Hirafu Village. We were in search of A-bu-Cha 1 when instead we found A-bu-Cha 2 (later then we found out tt A-bu-Cha 1 is closed already).

A-bu-Cha 2 is an Izakaya & Bar which is supposedly quite popular in Hirafu Village. We walked-in without reservations and put our name on the waiting list, while waiting guests can have a drink at the bar area. The waiting time was about 30mins when we arrived at around 6pm.

We ordered 2 drinks and munched on edamame while people-watching around the bar area.


Upon seated at our table, we were served a potato salad and fresh salad as appetizers. Liked the texture and flavour of the potato salad~

We also tried a few side dishes. Spicy Sea Urchin and Salmon Sashimi were both very fresh. Yakitori was tender.

The highlight of the meal was the “Shiraoi Suki-Yaki“. Having tried Shabu-Shabu at Crab Shack, we now try the dish’s near cousin..hee. Both are rather similar but Shabu-Shabu has a light flavoured broth while Sukiyaki has a rich savoury stock. When eating Sukiyaki, we dip the cooked ingredients into a beaten raw egg instead of ponzu sauce (for Shabu-Shabu).

Overall dining ambience at A-bu-Cha 2 was lively and constantly filled with loud greetings from the energetic & youthful staff.

Had a wonderful meal here and definitely worthy of the 30mins queue time!

More pictures from the powdery snow mountain…


[Updates on 30th Jan 17]

Back to Abucha-2, this time round I made reservations in advanced.  They are just as popular as before. As I walked to the reception area to inform the staff of my name, I saw envy eyes darting my way as we were shown to our table immediately.

Had the same old favourite Suki-yaki and tried new dish such as “Asari” Clams Steamed and Melon Soda drink.


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