Katsukura, Tokyo

By the time we settled down in our Tokyo hotel, its already 6.30pm…Knowing that most shops close by 8pm, we made a quick dash to Takashimaya Times Square near our hotel. Key reason being: other than the departmental store, Takashimaya Times Square has Tokyu Hands (lifestyle store which sells many interesting stuff, one of my fav store in Japan) and more than 2 floors of restaurants on the 12-14 level with great variety of cuisines. After our shopping we can conveniently go up to the restaurant levels for our dinner as most of them are opened till 11pm.

After eating much seafood in Hokkaido, its time to savour some local fried items. I found out that there is a Katsukura restaurant in Takashimaya Times Square which specialises in cutlet and it originated from Kyoto. I recalled that a couple of years back when I visited Kyoto I had a nice pork cutlet meal too, though I’m can’t remember the name of the shop anymore.

When we arrived at 8pm, there was a queue formed outside the restaurant. Although the waiting time took only 30 mins, we were famished by then as we had not eaten for more than 8 hours~


After we placed our food order, we started meddling with the 3 jars on our table. The staff brought us a bowl of seasame each and explained the 3 sauces in the jars. From left: Citrus (yuzu) dressing to be poured over the cabbage, spicy sauce and original sauce.

After grinding the seasame, we pour it into a mixing bowl and add in either the spicy and/or original sauce to be used for dipping the cutlet. The sauce was well-balanced as it was neither too sweet nor too thick.

We ordered their “TOEN” Pork Fillet Cutlet and Fried Prawns, which comes in Set Meal which included Barley Rice, Miso Soup and Pickled Vegetables (or Tofu).

The bread crumbs coated outside was wonderfully fried to a nice crisp while retaining the succulent pork and prawn inside. The huge pile of cabbage when drizzled with the refreshing citrus dressing will help to counter any feeling of “oilness” from the fried items.

The Barley Rice had an interesting texture, not too grainy nor gluey. In each mouthful, you would taste the small barley bits mixed in the rice~

Most of the side dishes i.e Cabbage, Barley Rice, Miso Soup are all re-fillable at no extra cost.

A delightful first meal in Tokyo~ A positive sign that more good things to come as we visit other food establishments in the next few days~


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