Ramen Jirocho, New Chitose

We first noticed the Ramen Hall in New Chitose Airport when we arrived at Hokkaido but didn’t have sufficient time to explore. While waiting for our departure flight, we had time to roam around the Airport Terminal and was back to select our choice ramen from the dozen of ramen stalls housed inside the Ramen Hall.

Right at the entrance of the Ramen Hall was a display of different types of ramen forming the shape of Hokkaido island. As you enter the Ramen Hall, staff from each side will greet you loudly and inviting you to visit their stall. There was so many options that we are lost for choices~

But I know that I liked Tonkotsu Ramen best…hence we wanted to choose a stall whose speciality ramen is Tonkotsu-based. However we ended up with Ramen Jirocho as I was attracted by the photo of runny egg yolk and generous Char-shu. In addition, they offer their ramen in 3 types of soup base: Tonkotsu, Shoyu and Shio. So we ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen along with a plate of Gyoza as side dish.

Oh boy~ Once the staff placed the bowl of noodles in front of me, I was mesmerised by the fragrance of the grilled Char-shu~  The Char-shu turned out to be tender & juicy. Soup was also flavoursome!

Ramen Hall New Chitose

I have nothing but praises for all the food in Hokkaido~ Right down to my last meal in Hokkaido, everything was fresh and well-prepared~

Next stop, Tokyo. A city with more Michelin-starred restaurants than Paris, New York and London….I’ve planned a packed dining schedule to try as many cuisines as possible~

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