Nodaiwa (Shimokitazawa), Tokyo

Since my last visit to Osaka, Japan in 2009 and tried one of the best Unagi rice I ever tasted (see post here), I was determined to visit another Unagi restaurant in Tokyo to relive the wonderful taste. Found Nodaiwa – a Michelin 1 Star restaurant that has a rich history and track record of being one of the best in its field. *There are several Nodaiwa branches in Tokyo but only 1 was awarded Michelin star.

The main store with Michelin-star is located in Ginza (edited) Azabu, Minato-ku. We went to an outlet (not Michelin-starred) slightly outside Shibuya area as we were at Harajuku area before heading over for dinner. Our venture to Shimokitazawa probably paid-off as there wasn’t a queue at the shop when we arrived =)

The clientele at the store were mostly Japanese and not tourists. The decor of the place exudes traditional Japanese style. We were served Japanese Green Tea while we ordered an Unaju course (set meal) that comprised of Appetizer, Chawamushi (steamed egg custard), Unaju (eel meal) and Dessert.

The appetizer was a selection of entrees: Nikogori (Eel in Jelly), Salted Vegetables and Mozuku (seaweed salad). I liked the Eel in Jelly, feels like its filled with collagen. The seaweed salad was finely sliced vinegared seaweed which was abit slimy.

Chawamushi was ultra smooth~


When the main meal was served, the staff changed our tea from Green Tea to Brown Rice Tea~ And I fell in love with the fragrant Brown Rice Tea immediately~ I even went to source for it when I’m back in Singapore.

The Grilled eel with sauce was served with rice in a lacquered box, accompanied with soup in eel liver, pickled vegetables and grated Japanese radish. The texture of the eel was very good, firm enough to be held up by chopsticks gently and melts in your mouth.

We ended our meal with a small ice cream dessert.

Unagi lovers will definitely enjoy this meal. Can also take the opportunity to visit the shops along the shopping street.

Some photos taken earlier the day:


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