Otaru Masazushi Shinjuku, Tokyo

My last meal in Tokyo before heading back to Singapore, we went back to Takashimaya Times Square to look for a Sushi restaurant. Yes…it has to be a SUSHI restaurant as we didn’t manage to eat at Sushi Dai!!! See my sad experience here.

We found Otaru Masazushi on Level 14 of Takashimaya Times Square and ordered a Otaru set comprising of Assorted Appetizer, Chefs’ recommended sushi 13 pieces, Soup and Dessert.

The sushi ingredients were all very fresh, it was really nice. I think that’s the beauty of enjoying sushi in Japan. Everything is so perfect. I think its a challenge to find sushi restaurant of similar standards in Singapore w/o burning a big hole in our pockets! Think perhaps only places like Sushi Ichi, Shinji etc fits the bill….

A slight regret was that we didn’t get to enjoy this meal leisurely due to our tight schedule to catch our transport to the airport…

Otaru Masazushi

After our dinner, we stopped by Starbucks Coffee to buy the limited “Sakura White Chocolate” coffee~ It comes in the special “cherry blossom” printed paper cup. Not sure if it’ll eventually be available in Singapore.

While there I also picked up one of their special edition tumblers. The sakura collection is always popular and often sold out very quickly in Singapore. There are a whole series of varying sizes and different sakura prints. I bought the smallest one in a sweet pink colour tone~

Starbucks Sakura

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