Tokyo Banana, Tokyo

No one should leave Tokyo without buying this popular omiyageTokyo Banana.

It was the first thing I bought when I touched down in Haneda Airport, for my personal consumption during my Japan trip, and also one of the last things I bought just before I leave Tokyo as well.

I bought the “normal” Tokyo Banana – plain yellow coloured sponge cake with Banana Custard Cream filing, for my personal consumption during my stay.

I saw also the “Banana Caramel Custard Cream” which comes in PINK “giraffe” patterned wrapper. The sponge cake also has the “giraffe” pattern. Blur me didn’t buy this to try cos I got it mixed up with the Sky Tree limited edition…

Both the normal and the caramel version are available at many stores including the airport duty free area.

The Sky Tree limited edition has “Chocolate Banana Cream” filing, supposedly introduced to celebrate the completion of the Tokyo Sky Tree. Its only available at Solamanchi Tokyo (the shopping complex at Sky Tree). It has comes in a “BROWN” wrapper and the sponge cake has “leopard” prints on it.

The sponge cake was soft and the custard cream was smooth and milky~

Although I liked the nice presentation wrappers, I find the boxes slightly too bulky for hand carry onto the plane. Unless if one is not bothered by the need to present the gift nicely in boxes to friends and relatives, can just open the boxes and pack the individual cakes into 1 bag to save space.

As we had earlier bought some Hokkaido omiyageShiroi Koibito cookies, we had to limit our number of boxes of Tokyo Banana Tree in order not to over-pack our hand carry items… only bought 3 boxes of the 12-piece pack for friends and family =(

Tokyo Banana

[Updates in Nov 2017]

New post with more Tokyo Banana flavours reviewed.

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2 Responses to Tokyo Banana, Tokyo

  1. Merlion says:

    Which would you say is nicer? Shiroi Koibito or Tokyo Banana?

    • Hi Merlion

      It deps on what you value/emphasis more. Tokyo Banana wins in terms of packaging (for the ones with prints) and the uniqueness of Banana cream filling. Shiroi Koibito is like an all-time classic item – chocolate biscuit.

      Most people who have been to Hokkaido would have bought a box or two as gifts for friends, hence many people would have tasted it before and its quite readily available outside of Japan. Tokyo Banana (perhaps due to shorter shelf life) is not widely sold outside of Japan – at least in S’pore its not as readily available.

      For me, I would cherish Tokyo Banana more due to its scarcity in S’pore. Shiroi Koibito can sometimes be bought at Japan Fair at Isetan/Takashimaya/Meidi-ya.

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