Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, 2013

Having heard about the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 event while dining in Japan, we kept a lookout for the announcement of the winners when we returned. We were happy to know several familiar names on the list of winners =)

Here’s the Top 20 list with links to posts for those that I had visited before:

1. Narisawa – Tokyo, Japan (my post)
2. Nihonryori Ryugin – Tokyo, Japan
3. Nahm – Bangkok, Thailand (visited in Jul 13, my post)
4. Amber – Hongkong, China (my post)
5. Restaurant Andre – Singapore (my post)
6. 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana – Hongkong, China
7. Mr and Mrs Bund – Shanghai, China
8. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet – Shanghai, China
9. Iggy’s – Singapore (my post)
10. Gaggan – Bangkok, Thailand
11. Waku Ghin – Singapore
12. Caprice – Hong Kong, China
13. Lung King Heen – Hong Kong, China
14. Les Amis – Singapore (my post)
15. Bo Innovation – Hong Kong, China
16. Quintessence – Tokyo, Japan (my post)
17. Dum Pukht – New Delhi, India
18. The Chairman – Hong Kong, China
19. Eat Me – Bangkok, Thailand (visited in Jul 13, my post)
20. Wasabi By Morimoto – Mumbai, India

Other restaurants in top 50 that I had visited before includes:

36. Bo Lan – Bangkok, Thailand (visited in Jul 13, my post)
43. Gunther’s – Singapore (my post)
50. Mozaic – Bali, Indonesia (my post)

Hoping to try the others which are in Singapore…

11. Waku Ghinthe illusive one…cos my heartaches whenever I think of the $400++ per person price tag…

22. Jaanhas been on my to-go list Visited in Mar 13 (my post)

24. L’atelier De Joel Rouchon Singaporeon my KIV list primarily because I wasn’t that impresed with their Hong Kong branch menu

32. Shinji by Kanesakahas been on my to-go list, but having to consider carefully cos of the $$$ Visited in Sep 13 (my post)

35. Osteria Mozzaheard about it from a fren who ate that before, but not very high on my priority list Visited in Dec 13 (my post)

49. Imperial Treasurehave been to other outlets but not the one at Paragon and have not tried their Peking Duck, will consider…

Not surprising to see that most restaurants are from Japan, Hong Kong (China) and Singapore. But as I’ve mentioned before, I felt that the pricing of degustation menu in Singapore is slightly higher than other countries in the region, perhaps disadvantaged by the need to import and air freight, fresh ingredients from the source countries.

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