JAAN is housed within Equinox Complex, situated on level 70 of the Swissotel The Stamford. The prestigious location of the restaurant was sufficient to draw attention of many diners who enjoys dining at “high altititude with view”.

I grew up with memories of “Compass Rose Restaurant” as the place occupying the top of Swissotel, gwaking with envy when heard of friends who went to dine there (even if its just for high-tea). We often heard of the wonderful experience of sipping coffee atop the building with the breathtaking bird’s eye view of downtown Singapore at one’s feet.

This is the first time I’ve ever made my way up to the restaurants at Level 70 even though I had stayed in Swissotel before. My heart filled with excitement to finally be able to visit the place which had illusively filled majority of my teenage life as being “the place” to go for the most romantic dining place in Singapore…Coupled with the news that JAAN was ranked #22 in the recent list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013.

The restaurant opens at 7pm for seating but we arrived at 6.45pm and had time to roam around the waiting area to take in the spectacular skyline of Singapore before sunset.


There was a choice of 5 course or 7 course set dinner and 10 course set surprise dinner available. We opted for the 7 course “Menu Prestige” – Artisanal Cuisine, dinner with wine pairing.

Pre-meal snacks was a platter of items: With the potato croquette and smoked eel placed on a JAAN stone-liked slab. Chef’s own interpretation of “Hummus” with Chestnut Paste in a small glass bottle, crackling chicken skin placed into pre-carved slots in the stone pebble and the artistically-plated seasoned sardine with chips. The aluminium sardine can makes an impactful visual presentation.


Amuse bouche was Sabayon and Mushroom Tea with Portobello mushroom slices. Mushroom tea was poured into the double-wall glass which was filled with Sabayon which was light and foamy, accentuated by the earthy flavour of the portobello mushroom.


First course was Obsiblue Prawn & Avocado Canneloni Light crustacean jelly, Ikura, Oscietra Caviar; paired with 2009 Leeuwin Estate Riesling, Australia. Obsiblue Prawn with sweet and firm flesh was wrapped in sliced Avocado. It was as though the crustacean jelly was meant to depict the ocean which had a refreshing and subtle taste of “seafood stock” adorned with jewels from the sea: Ikura and Caviar. A picturesque and flavoursome dish which was served with seaweed butter on brioche on the side.

The second course 55′ Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg Smoked rattes, winter mushrooms, chorizo iberico made a dreamy appearance with the dry ice effect. The slow-cooked eggs were placed on paper egg carton box before it was poured over a bowl filled with creamy artichoke veloute with aromatic rosemary herb placed under the bowl.

Third course is Confit Whiting Viennoise, ‘Musquee pumpkin, beurre noisette paired with 2009 Cloudy Bay Te Koko Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand. The crisp viennoise covering the whiting fish provided additional texture to the fine-textured flesh. The beurre noisette has a buttery and nutty flavour.


Fourth course was Grilled ‘Landes’ Foie Gras Winter Broth, while the dish was replaced with JAAN’s Garden Season’s best composition, wild herbs for non foie gras eater. The winter broth was light coloured but contains many flavours including thyme and garlic (my opinion).


Our first main dish was Confit Atlantic Turbot ‘Tournedos’ Char-grilled leeks, sweet corn, dolce forte paired with 2010 Macon Verze, France. The shiny gleaming white flesh was firm and meaty.

Second main dish was Bresse Pigeon Hay roasted breast, confit leg, organic beetroot, barley, jus d’abats paired with 2007 La Justice Domaine Antonin Guyon Chambertin, France. The breast was cooked to medium-rare which resulted in a intense gamey taste and liver-liked texture.


The menu had option of fine cheese selction at $35 top-up but we didn’t opt for it. Took a photo of the cheese on the trolley, according to the service staff the cheese were all imported from France.

We had a palate cleanser before our dessert Choconuts 4th Tanariva, caramel, gianduja paired with 2004 Riversaltes ambre, domaine des chenes, France. The dessert was a velvety combination of variety of chocolate: gianduja containing 30% hazelnut paste, tanariva containing caramel notes. Matched with brownie and peanut butter.


We ended our meal with petite fours platter: Rosemary chocolate lollipop, grapefruit sorbet, walnut and marshmallow coated with chocolate.

During the meal we saw Chef Julien Royer coming out to greet the guests at one of the tables. It looks like the guests were there for a media review with professional photographer taking shots of the dishes and of Chef. Even saw them exchanging namecards with Chef. Seems like JAAN is fast gathering spotlight with young Chef Julien at the helm.

Great place for an intimate and romantic dinner. =)

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