Bistro Soori [Closed]

Keong Saik road has been in the limelight recently cos of several new food establishments settling down along the street. Teck Lim road has been the quieter and more low-profile cousin connecting Keong Saik road to Neil road. Bistro Soori occupies the corner unit of the row of white coloured shophouse along Teck Lim road .

Upon entering the restaurant, the spacious bar counter dividing the open-concept kitchen reminds me of villas in Bali. Further inside the deep floor space of the shophouse, the cosy dining hall setting made me feel as though I was dining at someone’s villa. The overall design of the place was sleek yet exudes a homely feel.

As we drop by for an impromptu dinner without any reservations, tables in the main hall were all fully occupied. There were only counter seats available which was fine for a simple meal.

I always enjoy taking counter seats if there is an open kitchen as it allows me to observe the kitchen crew and how they prepare our meals. However not so if I plan to have a full degustation menu as the high chairs without proper back support isn’t the most comfortable seats around.

We ordered a starter Pan Grilled Prawns, Mango Miso Puree, Trout Roe, Frisse to share. It was nicely plated and the sweet & sour mango miso puree was refreshing but I find the prawn a tad too salty.

Bistro Soori

For entrees we had Uni, Scallop, Prawn, Risotto, Yuzu, Thai Basil and Lobster, Linguine, Cream, Parmesan, Chilli.

Surprisingly the Yuzu and Thai Basil matched very well thou separately each of them has their unique flavours. A “fusion” risotto that is uniquely Asian. The Scallop was seared to a firm yet chewy texture.

For the linguine, the lobster was again tad too salty, but the cream sauce well balanced, not too gelard.

Wouldn’t mind returning again to try their other dishes, perhaps even for lunch as they serve 3-course lunch at $40.

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