Suju Japanese Restaurant

Had wanted to try my luck and was hoping for a short queue at the forever popular Ippuddo at Mandarin Gallery. Alas lady luck was not on my side as the snaking long queue formed its way towards their next door neighbour.

With my growling stomach, we scrambled for Plan B. Suju Restaurant was just a few steps away and being the next closest Japanese restaurant, we dropped by to have a quick dinner.

Upon seated we were promptly offered warm towels, something that is not commonly practised nowadays in local Jap restaurants.

We ordered the Premium Course, but the staff didn’t really explained the dishes to us when they served us the items.

  • Assorted Appetizer 5 kinds of appetizers – I particularly liked the cold tofu with black beans and the green beans.
  • Assorted Sashimi today’s selection of the chef – Sashimis are thickly sliced and reasonably fresh.
  • Small Dish of the Day today’s selection of the chef – This is the best dish so far, pea shoots with kitsune, light and crunchy.
  • Ooebi Tempura big prawn and vegetable tempura – Prawn was huge but perhaps too huge, to an extend that the flesh was abit tough. What caught my attention was the salt plated at the side. I can’t describe what was it that made it taste good, but just felt that it was good quality salt.
  • Gyu Hohoniku Nikomi beef cheek miso stew-soaked in red wine and stewed with miso – The beef cheek was stewed to a soft and gluey texture, felt as though its rich with collagen. The thick gravy was flavoursome.
  • (Top-up) Sushi Set – By then we were quite full already…didn’t get to savour the sushi…but remeber that it was of reasonable standard.
  • Catararna ice pudding in roasted green tea flavour – didn’t sense the uniqueness of this dessert.

Suju Japanese Restaurant

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