Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

Pork cutlet – which is simply breaded, deep-fried pork is a dish of many names. To Japanese, its Tonkatsu; to German, its Schnitzel; to a Singapore teenager 20 years ago, its simply known as Western food usually paired with fries and canned beans.

Fast forward to today, we are a fortunate bunch to be able to savour large variety of food from different parts of the world right here in our tiny island at rather affordable prices without having to travel overseas. Just 2 months ago, I had the best Tonkatsu ever in my life in Tokyo (Katsukura) and I needed to look for restaurants in Singapore which serve Tonkatsu that are tasty enough to reasonably satisfy my craving.

We headed to Tonkatsu by Ma Maison in Mandarin Gallery to try their delectable Japanese styled cutlet.  On certain days I would see a long queue to get a table at the restaurant. Perhaps I avoided the popular dinner time and chose to have a late dinner, we didn’t have to ensure a long wait to be seated.

Tonkatsu Ma Maison_01

The set comes with a starter which was minced radish, to be self-seasoned with Soya sauce, free-flow of plain/multi-grain rice and finely sliced cabbage.

There were 2 types of sauces available  for dipping the cutlet – Sweet and Spicy. As for the cabbage, its to be eaten with Sesame Dressing.

We ordered the Combo with a Jumbo prawn and 2 types of pork cutlet (Loin & Fillet). The Jumbo prawn was huge…the length was equivalent to that of the disposable chopsticks. Unfortunately prawns this huge usually meant that the flesh would be more tough.

As for the pork cutlets, it was well-fried. The meat retained its juiciness and was not too oily.

Overall it was sufficiently good to curb my craving for pork cutlet.

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