Fordham & Grand [Closed]

It is often reported that if you didn’t pay attention while walking along the aisle at Craig Road, you would miss the understated door to Fordham & Grand. However it was pretty easy for us to spot the place as we heard the noise behind the closed door. Another tell-tale sign are the smokers lingering outside while having their smoke break…

For those who didn’t have the benefit of the 2 clues above, can look out for the small steel signage on the wall.

Fordham & Grand

The place wasn’t as dark as I imagined it to be (from reading other reviews). Its reasonably lit during dinner time and has a bar counter at the end of the restaurant.

From the artsy drinks menu, we ordered a Lychee Champagne and a Berry Collins. Both cocktails were enjoyable. Lychee Champagne was refreshing and crisp. =)

Food wise, we had a tasting plate of starters (3 items) comprising of: Natural oysters with mignonette, Salmon tartar, mustard and honey balsamic with Trio of potatoes, snap peas and konbu.

Oysters were quite fresh. I liked the way they prepared the Salmon tartar. Smooth and silky salmon slipped down my throat effortlessly leaving only subtle taste of the dressing. The trio potatoes was an interesting dish that differs from the typical potato salad. Perhaps due to the combi of potatoes, it presented different textures in a each mouthful. I’m very pleased with the tasting platter =)

There was 1 starter which caught my attention as well, hence we ordered 1 more starter dish – Seared cuttlefish, smoked paprika and edamame. The thinly sliced cuttlefish was chewy.

For main, we tried their signature dish – Lobster linguini, ginger, chili, coriander and olive oil. The linguini was quite al-dente, lobster was chewy and juicy. The only slight comment was I felt that it was slightly oily, I would prefer it with less olive oil.

Ended our meal with Raspberry parfait, chocolate cream and basil.

Am glad that they are opened for late night supper. An option to fill our hungry stomach after movies.

[Updates on 11th Sep 2013]

Visited them again. Other than ordering some of the fav dishes from our last visit, we tried their Orange Martini (dessert) – confit, granite and jelly with sesame tuile. Superbly citrus based dessert which made me cringe my face, for those feeling sleepy this will jolt your senses~

I’m amazed at how the sesame tuile complemented the orange granite.

Fordham & Grand_02

[Updates on 10th Apr 2014]

Somehow left out this collage and only realised it in 2015. But I still remembered that the squids tasted fabulous.

Fordham & Grand_03

[Updates on 10th Mar 2015]

Other than the Lobster linguini which was our standard item, we usually try a few other dishes from the menu. This time round we had the Scottish smoked salmon, horseradish creme fraiche & pickles, Jerusalam artichoke “cappuccino” soup & truffle scented froth and Grilled tiger prawns, mesclun salad & semi dried tomato.

Fordham & Grand_04

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