Tanuki Raw

Was taking a walk around 313 when I crossed over to Orchard Central and visited Tanuki Raw Bar & Restaurant. The ever confusing layout of the mall made it unattractive for me to go up to visit the restaurants on the upper floors…However unlike the other eateries up there, Tanuki is only on the 2nd floor and has an al-fresco dining area overlooking Orchard road. As I wanted to enjoy air-con amidst the hot weather, I chose the indoor area. However the ventilation has to be improved upon as I felt that my clothes smell of grease when I got home… =(

The chic-industrial looking decor gave a cool & hip feel to this Japanese bar & restaurant. I ordered an “Alice in Wonderland” cocktail which was very nice. It had rock melon taste and was mildly sweet and milky.

Tanuki Raw

We ordered some light bites from the “Tanuki Creations” & “Tanuki Rolls” selection to try. Namely:

  • Tanuki Balls truffled beef carpaccio draped over deep-fried cheese potato balls – Quite nice but the balls tasted lukewarm only. It breaks down to $4 per ball as this dish cost $12.
  • Ocean Rockefeller salmon, scallop, and hokkigai seasoned in lemon juice and triple sec served on scallop shells with torched mozzarella – The salmon one was the best, creamy and smooth. Similar to the tanuki balls, somehow the food was only lukewarm when served.
  • Shrimptastic ebi fry roll sprinkled with sakura ebi and drizzled with spicy sauce – Fried ebi and sakura ebi were crispy and the spicy sauce was a nice match.

The service staff left out 1 of our order Wasabi Octopus octopus with wasabi seasoning and we had to remind them when they came about to ask for last order. Somehow it didn’t cross our mind that it was raw octopus when we placed the order. We didn’t enjoy the dish as it was slimy and the octopus was chopped into too small piece.

As we sat at the restaurant, I can’t help but feel that something is severely lacking at the bar/ restaurant establishment. Although the decor was suppose to be stylish and hip, I felt that the service staff didn’t carry the same vibes. They seemed to be lethargic and lifeless… From the way they walk to the way they interact with customers…

At our table, serviettes were missing…At the bar counter, we saw guests carrying their glasses asking for water to be re-filled…

Had a rather unfruitful meal here…can’t help feeling that it’s not worth the price…for the quality of food & services offered…terrible ambience. In fact I almost felt as if I was unwelcomed by the staff…

Read somewhere that they are the same people behind Standing Sushi Bar…

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