L’etoile Cafe

L’etoile Cafe was first introduced to me by a close colleague cum Jie-Mei who discovered it as she walked along the row of shophouses at Owen Road. Being an avid cafe explorer who was attracted by its Japanese-French style, she excitedly shared with us her latest discovery thru Watsapp.

Letoile Cafe_02
Credits to my dear Jie-Mei for the photos above.

Here’s the excerpt of the exchange:

Jie-Mei: “Le’toile cafe…i like d ambience
Me: “e name abit misleading. haha”
Jie-Mei: “Gosh I spelled wrongly. L’etoile Cafe. Guess tt y seems like toilet

Despite the small embarrassment, the rest of my office Jie-Meis trusted her recommendation and made our way to the cafe for lunch on a hot sunny afternoon.

On the first floor of the cafe, there was limited indoor seating capacity as a small area was used to display and sell variety of lifestyle goods. We made our way up through a steep and narrow stairway at the back of the shophouse and were immediately wowed by the ambience on the second storey.

While the sheer lace curtains hung across the large full length windows created a romantic feel in the spacious hall, wall paintings adorned the white walls adding touch of artistic feel. Everything falls into place nicely with the roomful of eclectic furniture pieces.

Even the menu had an interesting touch, it looked hand-written and filled with many cute cartoon drawings.

I had a Kiwi Soda (which looked artificially green due to the syrup) and Dory Fish.   Manage to try a bite of the dessert brownie (sitting inside the cup) with ice cream on top.

Letoile Cafe

The dory was seasoned with herbs and pan-fried to a firm texture. The side vegetables were crunchy and quite flavoursome.

The idea of having brownie in a cup was quite novel, but personally I didn’t liked that. Firstly the cup was very hot when served, need to exercise caution when handling the cup. Secondly, the ice-cream was fully covering the brownie and when the ice-cream melted, the brownie become totally soaked. I can’t see the brownie at the bottom, I was blindly scooping from the cup and couldn’t apportion brownie-ice cream ratio when I eat. I usually like a ratio of 70-30 when I eat them.

Overall its a nice cosy place to spend an idyllic afternoon sipping coffee and lazing around to soak in the ambience.

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