Nana’s Green Tea, Singapore

A busy shopping day today…shuttling several shopping malls, has been quite a long while since I did so much shopping….a sign that my stuff were all worn and badly needs replacement…

Finally had the chance to take an afternoon tea break at Plaza Singapura. The hype at Tim Ho Wan is not over yet, judging from their long queue…I enjoyed their signature Char Siew Bun (tried in HK) but don’t think its worth the effort to wait at least 1hr to get in the Singapore outlet…

I visited Nana’s Green Tea which I think opened about the same time as Tsujiri Tea House, causing a  sudden surge of Tea Houses opening in Singapore.

While Tsujiri Tea House only serve light snacks & drinks, Nana’s Green Tea is a full fledged cafe with a pretty large seating capacity.

Tried their “Matcha” and Mochi Parfait – which I think should be one of their signature dish, keep seeing the servers bringing out towers of this dessert. The “Matcha” and Mochi Parfait was generously portioned and I liked the inclusion of corn flakes. Enjoyed the texture of creamy ice cream with crunchy corn flakes.

Also ordered a Matcha Latte, had wanted a hot one but server mistakenly took the order as cold one instead. As I usually take hot matcha latte, I can’t compare the quality of Nana’s matcha latte.

Nana green tea


Ordered a sushi roll as my afternoon snack. Pretty decent roll, freshly fried ebi in the roll, good enough to fill my stomach.

Interestingly, I noticed that the queue at Tsukada Nojo started forming close to 5pm. The restaurant start their evening service at 5.30pm and they do not take any reservations, which explains the queue… When the service started, I saw some of the guests at Nana’s Green Tea hopping over to the restaurant, as some of their friends were queuing at Tsukda Nojo, while some were enjoying tea here. *The power of teamwork* =)


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