La Maison Fatien [Closed]

While exploring the neighbourhood we spotted this restaurant in the row of shophouses near Duxton Hill area. Decided to drop by for dinner in this bistro which has its roots in France as a winemaker – La Maison Fatien.

We started our dinner with the Htes Cotes de Beaune – 2010 by Maison Fatien, also tried a Canon Fronsac – 2009 by Chateau Lariveau. Personally I enjoyed the Fronsac more than the wine by Maison Fatien. La Maison Fatien_02

We were seated on the 2nd floor of the shophouse as there was a large group dining in the main hall on 1st floor.

The ambience was cozy and very French. Exposed brick walls on one side and wallpapered wall filled with picture frames on the other side.

Had the following:

  • LA ½ DOUZAINE D’ESCARGOTS snails 1/2 dozen, garlic parsley butter with Ricard – nice blend of garlic butter. Good to use as a dip for the bread too.
  • LE FOIE GRAS foie gras terrine, caramelized apple – pretty normal.
  • LE PAVÉ DE BŒUF tenderloin steak with cameroonian pepper corn sauce, french fries – the best dish for the night. Look at the nicely seared grill marks. The steak was cooked to our order of medium-rare. Fries had a nice crisp.
  • LA CRÈME BRULÉE creme brulee, vanilla – pretty normal but quite generous in portion.

La Maison Fatien_01


It was a cozy bistro to enjoy a quiet dinner. Not exactly fantastic but its a decent restaurant.

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