Strangers’ Reunion

Recently there had been countless cafes sprouting up in Duxton/Everton area…they are opening at such a fast rate that I can’t keep track of those that I hadn’t tried before… This week I made my way to Strangers’ Reunion along Kampong Bahru road. I was pretty surprised that at 3+pm, the tiny cafe was filled to the brim and customers had to wait for seats. There isn’t much seats in this cafe which had a narrow layout.

Another observation I made was, many of their customers had made their way here by taxi as I saw them alighting right in front of the cafe. Were they all lured here by the coffee?

We ordered a Cafe Mocha, an Ice Coffee, a Buttermilk Waffle with Ice Cream and a Smoked Salmon sandwichStrangers Reunion

I was kinda disappointed with the place as I had originally wanted to have a leisurely afternoon reading newspaper and enjoying my cuppa. But due to the small space, we felt pretty cramped up.

F&B wise – I liked the latte art but that’s about it for the coffee. Food menu was limited. I didn’t enjoy my food order. I found it a bit strange that the waffle doesn’t come with any maple syrup or chocolate syrup topping. The sandwich was pretty “Home-made” style…anyone could have made the same…

I left the place feeling bewildered…Am I missing out on their specialty coffee which attracted the crowd? can’t figure out…

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