Department of Caffeine [Closed]

Visited another cafe – Department of Caffeine, today for Brunch..seriously there isn’t much food options in the neighbourhood once lunch time is over since the hawker centre was closed for extensive upgrading…However options are plenty for all-day-breakfast/brunch with the abundance of cafes.

Strolled over at 3+pm and was surprised to see that it’s full…I can’t fathom where did these people come from?

Department of Caffeine

Anyway the seating capacity of the cafe is quite limited. Will have problems if coming in groups larger than 6 persons. In order to maximise seating capacity, the tables were arranged quite closely to each other. Almost to the point of having to rub shoulders with the neighbour sitting next to me… -_-”

The food menu here is more extensive than Strangers’ Reunion. We had the DOC Breakfast Platter and Mushroom Medley.

DOC Breakfast Platter scrambled eggs & bacon wrapped meatloaf on toasted brioche served with tomato confit & cheese bocconcini  –  was pretty nice. Liked the crusty brioche and the nicely fried cheese bocconcini.

As for the Mushroom Medley, suggest only people who really likes mushroom to order this. The mushroom used had strong fungi taste.

We ordered Iced Mocha and Caffe Mocha for drinks. *I purposely ordered the same so as to make comparison to Strangers’ Reunion version. I preferred the one at DOC as it was thicker and more aromatic.

We had to vacate our seats promptly after finishing our meal as there were still people waiting for seats. Another place that is not for leisurely afternoon teabreak… =(

[Updates on 4th Jan 14]

Lucky to grab seats without reservations at the place. Tried 2 more items on the menu – Roasted Chicken and Buttermilk Waffles with ice-cream and rum bananas. The chicken was pretty juicy and tender. But what caught my taste bud was the yummy-licious waffle. Topped with quality ice-cream (I certainly dun like vanilla ice-cream that tasted too ‘artificial’) and warm caramelised bananas.

Department of Caffeine_02

[Updates on 17th Jul 15]

Made an impromptu visit to DOC cos of sudden urge to have Churros. Had to wait for about 30 mins after registering our names at the shop.

They had updated their menu and we tried the Lobster Club! Butter poached Boston lobster tail, flying fish roe, bacon, egg, arugula, fresh tomato, tangy mayo, brioche served with crinkle cut fries. The portion of lobster was a tad little, but burger portion is filling enough for ladies’ appetitie.

Department of Caffeine_03

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