I didn’t manage to curb my pasta craving since I was lured to order Risotto when I last visited an Italian restaurant…so we made a visit to Prego hoping to finally satisfy the craving.

This isn’t the first time I visited Prego but admittedly my last visit was eons ago. Today decided to make an impromptu visit without making reservations, luckily there were still few seats available.

We went for their Dinner Set Menu consisting of Antipasta + Primi Piatti + Chef’s Daily Special + Dessert. We top-up our meal with an ala carte Crema di Funghi Cream of Wild Mushroom.

For Antipasta, we chose Capesante in Crosta Parmesan Crusted Scallop, Pumpkin Puree, Truffle Dressing. I quite liked this dish, the scallop was fresh and juicy, the pumpkin puree wasn’t too overwhelmed with the pumpkin taste, well-balanced.

The soup was thick and creamy. Generously portioned too as the pix below was for 1 person portion, the server had took the initiative to serve us in 2 bowls knowing that we would be sharing it. Prego

The pasta of my choice was Fusilli Crab, Asparagus, Lemon Zest, Basil Seafood Sauce. Sadly I was disappointed with the pasta as it wasn’t al dente enough. The sauce was of non-existence, it almost felt like it was a cold-dish pasta.

Chef’s Daily Special was Salmon with Mashed Potato. Both the salmon and the side were too dry for my liking. For dessert I chose their Tiramisu “Our House Signature” which was served from a whole tray. As the 2 lady guests sitting right next to us also requested for desserts at the same time, we were able to compare that our piece was significantly smaller than theirs  =(  thou the dessert was of acceptable standard.

Perhaps after this meal, it reminded me of why I hadn’t visited them for such a long while…Other than the starters and appetizers which I enjoyed, the main dishes seemed like being produced by a commercially-run kitchen,  lacking in food quality synonymous of fine Italian restaurants.

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