Sanji Kagoshima Ramen

Sanji Kagoshima Ramen is located in Orchid Hotel at Tanjong Pagar. And nope, its not the one that has really long queue. While most people have heard of the more famous ramen shop (Tonkotsu King Keisuke) less people heard of this shop which opened in the same building.

This shop also has a very small seating capacity so sometimes there is a queue (though not as long as Tonkotsu King).

Kagoshima Ramen Sanji

We ordered the “Ladies Set” which comes with choice of Mini Ramen + Small Bowl + Drink. I had their Black Sesami (sic) RamenRoast pork on rice with Ice Green Tea. As the small ramen doesn’t comes with egg, I top up with 1 seasoned egg. We also ordered a ala carte full size Sanji Ramen to try.

The difference between Black Sesami and Sanji Ramen is in the soup base. Black Sesami is pork & chicken soup while Sanji is pure pork soup. I liked both the soup base as both were flavoursome and thick. However I don’t really like the rather raw bean sprout added inside and the noodles were not as soft as I would like it to be. The yolk of the seasoned egg wasn’t runny enough although the egg white’s texture was about right.

What I did enjoy was the complimentary spicy seasoned chopped veg (the one next to the roasted pork rice). It totally changed the flavour of the soup after adding just half a spoonful. After soaking in the soup for awhile, the veg turned softer and the chilli powder gave the extra “oomph” to the soup.

I also enjoyed the dark coloured roasted pork which quite tender but the rice was slightly lumpy.

Overall its a place which I would consider revisiting again, if queue gets too long over at Tonkotsu King.

1 Tras Link #01-14, Orchid Hotel

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