Sushi Kou

Visited a Japanese restaurant at Orchid Hotel, nope its NOT the one with ridiculously long waiting time for reservations. I visited the newly opened restaurant – Sushi Kou, next to Teppei.

Although Teppei had been at Orchid Hotel for sometime, I hadn’t got the chance to eat there.  I didn’t know that the restaurant was so popular until my encounter a few months ago. When the queue at Tonkotsu King was so long, I popped by Teppei since I saw that there were empty seats at the  restaurant. The lady at the entrance told us they don’t serve walk-in customers as they were full. She advised that the reservation should be made at least 2 weeks in advanced (But I read online that nowadays people commented that need 2 months already – my personal experience is 4 months queue for a weekday dinner). By then I was about to go Japan, so I didn’t make the reservations. Usually, unless for special occasion, I wouldn’t make reservations for my meals as I tend to eat according to craving.

There was another occasion whereby I passed by Teppei and witnessed an interesting sight. Almost 90% of the customers (all sitting at the counter) were holding their cameras and shooting at the chef preparing the meals. Admittedly I also like to take photos of chefs preparing food but it was an amusing sight to see all diners behave as if they were at meet-the-fans session with almost all of them holding their cams together~

Anyway back to Sushi Kou, the place was reasonably popular too since many of the customers also made reservations. The restaurant has ala-carte menu and also Chef’s Selection (from $50 onwards).

Sushi Kou_01

There were a variety of seasoned vegetables available in jars and I was glad that I was given the cucumber one. I added some spicy powder as my own flavouring and absolutely enjoyed this complimentary appetizer.

We ordered an ala-carte “Dragon Roll” and Chawamushi together with the recommendation from the manager to try their Sashimi Moriawase (cos their delivery arrives on Fridays) and Fried Karei with Salt.

The Dragon Roll was quite nice and seemed to be popular amongst diners too. The Chawamushi was luxurious as it had hotate and ebi inside.

Sushi Kou_02

Sashimi Moriawase had 7 types of fishes: Salmon, Saba (mackerel), Horse Mackerel, Hirame (flounder), Shima Aji (yellow jack), Sea bass and 1 more (didn’t catch the name). They were all very fresh. Excellent sashimi. I also especially liked the wasabi that was grinded and not those standard paste type.

Fried karei was also very well-prepared. We enjoyed it a lot considering that we are not exactly huge fish lovers.

After so much fish, we browsed through the menu and spotted the Wagyu Tataki and decided to give it a try. The Wagyu had a crispy outer layer with soft and juicy centre (as seen from the pinkish centre from the pix).

Ended our meal with Yuzu sorbet which was refreshing.

It is definitely one of the nicest mid-range Japanese restaurant in the neighbourhood.

[Updates on 25th Jul 2013]

Visited Sushi Kou again. Tried a few more items.

This time round I had the seasoned cabbage appetizer, which was equally tasty. Saw that they got seasoned seaweed as well. Had the Moriawase consisting of Tuna, Salmon, Sea Bass, Sweet Shrimps, Swordfish and Salmon Roe Ikura.

Since we ordered a 720ml bottle of sake, we needed more small bites to pair with the drink. The Dewa No Sato Tokubetsu Junmai Namazake was smooth and fragrant.

Soft shell crab handroll, salmon sushi, grilled squid and grilled cuttlefish (great beer companion).

Sushi Kou_03

[Updates on 25th Sep 2013]

First time trying their Omakase meal which starts at $50 per pax. They also offer $80 and $110 per pax meal.

We selected the $50 per pax option. It comprised of 5 kinds of sashimi (for sharing), fried fish (for sharing), yasai tempura (veg imported from Kyoto), yasai dashi, 6 pieces of nigiri, miso and dessert.

Sushi Kou_04

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