Patisserie G

Have long heard of Patisserie G in Millenia Walk, but hadn’t got the chance to make a trip there to try their cakes. Finally visited them today and bought some pastry home to try:

  • The G Spot Dark chocolate mousse with chocolate meringue, sits on a chocolate hazelnut praline crunch.
  • Tiramisu Lady fingers dipped in coffee, whipped mascarpone cream, flavored with rum.
  • Saint Honore Choux puffs lightly glazed with caramel, piped with chantilly cream, sitting on a sablé base.

Patisserie G

The G Spot which is the chocolate dome-shaped pastry topped with a little gold flake is one of their signature item. I liked the hazelnut praline crunch at the base and the rich and thick chocolate would make this a favorite for any chocolate-lover.

Although I’m a tiramisu-lover, I didn’t quite like their version of the Tiramisu cake. I think it was the slightly strong cheese taste in it that I didn’t like. And “where’s the cocoa powder?”. Quite an interesting attempt at re-interpreting tiramisu.

The Saint Honore certainly drew my attention when I first glanced at the display counter, with 3 cute choux puffs lined perfectly. I liked the mixed texture it created in my mouth when I ate it. In 1 bite, I can feel the crunchiness of the glazed caramel, the airy choux puff and creamy filling.

[Update on 21st Oct 16]

It has been quite a while since I last visited Patisserie G, haven’t been going to Suntec/Millenia Walk area. Although the malls in the area have undergone major revamps, the area hasn’t been able to rejuvenate itself back to its former days.

I was drawn to a sale event at Suntec convention centre and wanted to have dinner around the area when I took the chance to get some cakes for next morning’s breakfast. Although I did not play the wildly popular Pokemon-Go game, I’m sure no single person in Singapore was spared of knowing at least a few friends who are addicted to the game. Patisserie G rode on this pokemon craze and introduced the poke ball inspired PG domeYuzu Mousse, Raspberry Balsamic Compote and Almond Sponge. The yuzu and raspberry citrus flavours were slightly tart and refreshingly sweet. Rather than spending my money to collect pokemon soft toys, I would rather let Patisserie G take my money and let me eat the cake~ =P


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