East 8 New York Fusion Tapas + Bar

East 8 is hidden in a corner of Grand Park City Hall Hotel. Decked out in modern industrial look, the unit is surprisingly cozy perhaps due to its small floor space.


I was there to try their Sparkling Jelly Sake named “East Village” that comes in a pair and it does live up to my expectation of this drink, due to its flavour and interesting texture. The only disappointment is perhaps its small size, I wished it has an up-sized version.

The other drinks tried included: Soho NohoCucumber, Passion fruit, Lime and Sake and East 8 Cocktail of the Day. I enjoyed the Soho Noho which was a refreshing and light drink. East8_02

Food-wise, we had

  • 1/2 dozen oysters – reasonably fresh
  • Marinated Chilean Seabass in Miso and Wine Buttered Shimeji Mushroom – fish was well-cooked, retaining the firm flesh, great miso gravy
  • Norwegian Tiger Prawn, Garlic & Chili – Classic tapas dish

We were served complimentary raspberry tea at the end of our meal. Nice touch.

Enjoyed the ambience and chic decor at this little joint. More importantly, the sparkling jelly sake had me searched the internet for the recipe to see if I can concoct this at home. Failing which, I will return to quench my thirst for this unique drink. 

[Updates on 19th Jul 2013]

Found this canned Peach Sparkling Sake~

[Updates on 7th Aug 2013]

Found canned Berry Sparkling Sake. I prefer the peach one after trying both flavours.


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